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LilliWorks Foundation

LilliWorks Active Learning Foundation was founded by parents of children with severe disabilities, therapists and volunteers in 2001 and is a 501c3 tax exempt charity.


LilliWorks’ mission is to advance Active Learning through supply of equipment, education, outreach and research. LilliWorks is dedicated to the Active Learning principle that “Everyone Can Learn”.


Prior to LilliWorks, the AL equipment was only available from Europe in European currency, making it impractical for American school districts to obtain.

LilliWorks has obtained authorization and/or approval from Dr. Nielsen for all of its offered items, and continues to have a close relationship with the founder of the Active Learning approach.

LilliWorks Foundation has in the past focused upon supplying Active Learning equipment, and held a major convention in 2005. As we have made progress in the equipment and financial aspects, LilliWorks is shifting focus to include more research, outreach and community support.

Active Learning Activities

Active Learning Forum Group

The Active Learning Group is a Yahoo email group that is now moderated with Diane Montgomery, a teacher who has been practicing Active Learning for years. We’ll get the best possible answers to your questions, including asking Dr. Nielsen, herself.

North American AL Convention (NAALC)

The last continental AL convention was the first NAALC, held in Feb. 2005, in Oakland, CA, and was Dr. Nielsen’s final training. LilliWorks has a project to make available the videotapes of this training.

NAALC II is in the preliminary planning stages. Interested parties should email info@LilliWorks.org for notices and to contribute to this major community event. Sponsorships, without financial obligation, are available.

Active Learning Research

LilliWorks seeks to support research on Active Learning and has a current project to study Resonance Board enhancements.

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