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All LilliWorks items are approved by Dr. Lilli Nielsen. and most are designed by, or with, her. We are the exclusive North American providers of Dr. Nielsen’s specially-designed Active Learning equipment.

For More information on items, refer to the Active Learning Equipment Catalog.

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Some equipment is available as kits or plans.

MAJOR Active Learning Equipment

Resonance Board™

The Resonance Board, has a thin plywood panel that vibrates to every movement a child makes on it. It is the base to many AL environments.

Essef Board™

The Essef Board is highly responsive to a learner’s pressure.

Standing Harness-Lilli’s HOPSA Dress™

Standing Harness-Lilli’s HOPSA dress safely provides vertical orientation and support without the legs bearing weight.

Support Bench™

The Support Bench is a fully adjustable support for the upper torso, allowing the learner to lie prone with their hands free, and no weight bearing on their legs.

Little Room(R)

Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room is a core Active Learning environment, providing a resonant, warm, rich and safe place for children to engage.

Multi-Function Activity Table™

Modular design, a uniquely hinged section, and adjustable legs allow for an endless number of possibilities.

MINOR Active Learning Equipment

SPG (Scratch, Position and Grab) Board™

Designed in conjunction with Dr. Nielsen, the Scratch, Position and Grab (SPG) Board is a modular extension of fixed Scratch Boards recommended for years with Active Learning.

Bead Chain Holders

Clamps on for lots of responsive fun. Uses the largest bead chains available and strong clamps.

Bead Object Kits

Bead-Can Kit, Bead-Ball Kit
Turn a can or a ball into a super Active Learning object of your own construction.


The Harp is just that, for learners with disabilities.

Tipping Board

This adjustable stand fits over legs and accepts pegboard panels, Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room panels, or the SPG Board.

Grid Holder

The Grid Holder is intended to hang light objects in an array over a learner.

Wall-Mounted Holder

This hardwood unit mounts on the wall and has three arms that fold out to hold lightweight hanging objects.

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