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Space and Self-Lilli discusses the uses of the “Little Room” to enhance development of sensory integration, object conceptualization, self-identification and early spatial relations in children with visual impairments.

Spatial Relations in Congenitally Blind Infants –This is Lilli’s dissertation on her scientific study. The study investigated whether a specially designed environment (little room) would facilitate the development of early spatial relations in congenitally blind infants.

Are You Blind? -This book addresses children who are autistic and visually impaired. Lilli explains that these children are developmentally threatened. She describes an educational method which, over 20 years, has shown to be of benefit to children’s emotional, motor, communicative and social development.

Educational Approaches- This book is a combination of Lilli’s essays and research. It explains how she expanded the educational approaches for children and infants with vision impairments.

Visual Impairment – Understanding Needs of Young Children Van der Poel wrote this as a guide to assist in the interdisciplinary partnership to promote early development for children with visual impairments. The information is important for educational planning and a necessity for parents, teachers, therapists, doctors and all who work with the visually impaired children.

The Comprehending Hand –The ability to grasp is of fundamental importance for a blind child to get into contact with his/her surroundings and to enhance the development of the other senses. The book gives practical hints on how to adapt materials and surroundings to stimulate and encourage development in blind children.

Early Learning Step By Step-Parents, teachers and other folks who care for handicapped children will learn how all children achieve readiness skills for learning and how environmental intervention can facilitate learning through “active learning”.

Functional Scheme: Final Skills Assessment-The first version of this scheme was used in 1976 and revised to include changes based on pedagogical work with 500 children with vision impairments and on scientific study on spatial relations in congenitally blind infants. The scheme continues to evolve and can be utilized for educational planning.

The FIELA Manual-book

The FIELA Curriculum – 730 Learning Environments, Catalog with Moveable Cards and FIELA Manual


Dr. Nielsen “R” Video–Perceptualizing Aids: How, Why and When
Covers use of Lilli’s HOPSA Dress, Support Bench & Essef Board.Covers the use of Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room, MFA Table.The DVD Version contains both Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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