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Dr. Nielsen-Approved Active Learning Equipment List

SPG (Scratch, Position and Grab) Board™

Designed in conjunction with Dr. Nielsen, the Scratch, Position and Grab (SPG) Board is a modular extension of fixed Scratch Boards recommended for years with Active Learning.

Where a typical handmade Scratch Board would have items glued in place and not change, the various items attach to the squares of the SPG Board, and can be easily be reconfigured. The squares slide on tracks and a spring button retains them. Objects not included.

It is designed to meet the needs of centers, to adjust easily to a number of learner’s needs and skills. .Designed to work with a Support Bench and Tipping Board. Color-coded for 3 levels (scratch, grab & release, grab & hold). The SPG comes with an illustrated article by Dr. Nielsen, showing examples of the 3 layers.12 squares of each color. Easy to clean acrylic. Production model has additional holes across the bottom to aid securing.

Bead Chain Holders

Clamps on for lots of responsive fun. Uses the largest bead chains available and strong clamps.

6” Bead Chain Holder: BCH6
12” Bead Chain Holder: BCH12

Bead Object Kits

Turn a can or a ball into a super Active Learning object of your own construction. It results in a highly responsive, tactile, unusually interesting and acoustically alive object. The kit comes with elastic, beads, and other objects similar to the illustration, and a can or ball. WARNING: DETACH HAZARD

Bead-Can Kit: BD-CAN-K (A nut can is in the middle)
Bead-Ball Kit: BD-BALL-K (The ball is approx 10” diameter)
How to make Bead Items: BD-PLANS


The Harp is just that, for learners with disabilities. Made with guitar and autoharp parts, it’s durable and a convenient size (5” x 10”). Velcro (not shown) allows it to be attached by the bottom and sides. Prototype shown.

Tipping Board

This adjustable stand fits over legs and accepts pegboard panels, Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room panels, or the SPG Board. Legs are approx. 24” apart.

Grid Holder

The Grid Holder is intended to hang light objects in an array over a learner. Though, like the ceiling panels in Dr. Nielsen’s Little Room, it can never replace the full Little Room experience.

It is lighter-weight all wood construction, and a counterweight. It has a telescoping feature and twin high-strength solid plastic hangers for a pipe, clips or rope.

Wall-Mounted Holder

This hardwood unit mounts on the wall and has three arms that fold out to hold lightweight hanging objects. The arms fold down – each arm has a safe “break-away” joint if the learner exerts too much pull. The standard unit is made out of ½” solid wood.
Ideal for Changing Stations

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