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 Name Code Description Unit Price Est.Ship  In USA
Finished Items
Resonance Board™ RB Resonance Board™ $388 $144
RB-LR Resonance Board™ – Little Room Size $359 $85
RB-F Resonance Board™ – Folding $719 $96
Essef Board™ EB Essef Board&trade – Finished $468 $54
EBS-H Essef Board™ Stand $311 $84
Support Bench™ SB-S Support Bench™ with Head Support $1244 $114
SB-N Support Bench™ without Head Support $847 $108
SB-HS Head Support for Support Bench™ $359 $36
HOPSA™ HD-1 Standing Harness-HOPSA™ Size 1
Shipping Fedx-By US Mail $15
$767 $30
HD-2 Standing Harness-HOPSA™ Size 2
Shipping Fedx-By US Mail $15
$767 $30
HD-3 Standing Harness-HOPSA™ Size 3
Shipping Fedx-By US Mail $15
$767 $30
HD-2W3L Standing Harness-HOPSA™ Size 2W3L
Shipping Fedx-By US Mail $15
$767 $30
CB Cross Bar (“Spanner Bar”) $358 $29
B&T Block and Tackle $367 $29
HD-Padding Crotch padding for HOPSA- ship cost by US Mail $18 $8
Little Room® LR-3 Little Room®: Full $3587 $102
LR-2 Little Room®: Short $2,807 $84
LR-1 Little Room®: Small $1,871 $60
LR-2T3 Upgrade LR2 to LR-3 $780 $42
LR-1T2 Upgrade LR1 to LR-2 $936 $42
LR-1T3 Upgrade LR1 to LR-3 $1,716 $54
Various SPG Scratch, Position & Grab (SPG) Board™ $623 $48
BCH6 Bead Chain Holder – 6″ $248 $26
BCH12 Bead Chain Holder – 12″ $421 $31
HARP Harp $108 $22
TB Tipping Board™ $329 $43
GRID Grid Holder $467 $48
WMH Wall Mounted Hanger $467 $60
SQ-HAM Square Hammock N/A
MFAT Multi-Function Activity Table™ $3,899 $300
LP-PANEL Additional Panels $140 TBD
Various WMH-K Wall Mounted Hanger KIT $311 $60
BD-CAN-K Bead Can Kit $100 $23
BD-BALL-K Bead Ball Kit $100 $31
EB-K Essef Board™ – KIT $233 $43
Little Room® Kits LR-3-K Little Room®: Full KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $2,495 $102
LR-2-K Little Room®: Short KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $1,871 $84
LR-1-K Little Room®:Small KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $1,247 $60
LR-2T3-K Upgrade LR2 Kit to LR-3 KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $624 $42
LR-1T2-K Upgrade LR1 Kit to LR-2 KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $624 $42
LR-1T3-K Upgrade LR1 Kit to LR-3 KIT-Comes with all parts to manufacture LR-woodworking required $1,248 $54
Various EB-Plan Essef Board™ Plans and Springs $40 $18
RB-Plan Resonance Board™ Plans $8 $4
WMH-Plan Wall Mounted Hanger Plans $8 $4
BD-Plan Bead Ball & Can Plans $22 $4
Video VID-R Perceptualizing Aids VHS Vol. 1 $69 $8
VID-R2 Perceptualizing Aids VHS Vol. 2 $69 $8
Video DVD Perceptualizing Aids Vol. 1 & 2 $69 $8
Books-Ship $7 by us mail-In USA, fedex more
Various BK-EA Educational Approaches $44 $10
BK-ELSS Early Learning-Step by Step $44 $10
BK-AYB Are You Blind? $44 $10
BK-FS Functional Scheme, Levels 0-48 months $84 $15
BK-SS Space and Self $44 $10
BK-TCH The Comprehending Hand $16 $10
BK-TFC The FIELA Curriculum (manual only) $60 $10
BK-VPB Velcro Planning Board (FIELA) $100 $15
BK-CMC Catalogue with Moveable Cards and
FIELA Manual
$749 $25
BK-VI Visual Impairment (by Dr. van der Poel) $44 $10

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