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 The Impact of Active Learning

Organizations :

  • Penrickton Center for the Blind Children is a unique, private non-profit agency, providing five-day residential, day care, and consultation/evaluation services to blind, multi-disabled children who are between 1 – 12 years of age.
  • Texas School for the Blind and the Visually Impaired (TSBVI) is  public facility and campus in which individuals between 6 to 21, who are blind, deaf-blind, or visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities, are eligible for consideration for services on the TSBVI campus. It is also a statewide resource to parents of these children and the professionals who serve them, from birth through transition from school.
  • California Transcribers & Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CTEBVI) is an organization of Transcribers, Educators, Parents, Librarians, Paraprofessionals, Exhibitors and Students and many other advocates for the special needs of individuals living with blindness and visual impairment in Southern California.
  • Narbethong State Special School is one of the well equipped K -12th grade school in Australia that provides a safe and productive learning space for children who are visually and or physically impaired.
  • Evansville Association for the Blind is an NGO that demonstrates its commitment to assisting individuals who are visually impaired through a wide variety of services to live and work within their community
  • National Federation of the Blind is one of the largest organization of its kind, located in the US, that promotes programs to integrate individuals who are visually impaired into society.
  • Institute for Active Learning is a great school in Denmark for children with multiple disadvantages  that utilizes innovative tools and learning methods to create the ideal learning space.
  • Visio is an Netherlands institution for the blind and visually impaired that provides individuals and their families with the proper guidance, information, counseling, rehabilitation, education as well as short-term living accommodations.


  • The National Center on Deaf-Blindedness provides a wide variety of resources and information for individuals who are visually impaired and or deaf while supporting their families, surrounding communities as well as the State/Federal policies that affect their livelihood. Below is a link to an extensive list of published articles and reports done on Active Learning and the LilliWorks Foundation.
  • Washington Sensory Disabilities Services has provided Space for Active Learning, which is a great resource for individuals interested to learn more about the Active Learning apparatuses and methods.



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