Dr. Nielsen

Dr. Lilli Nielsen

Dr. Nielsen

With four blind siblings, Dr. Nielsen, PhD, has had a unique perspective on vision and multiple disabilities in her 40+ year career. She has traveled the world giving hundreds of lectures and trainings on Active Learning.

She was a special education advisor from 1967-96 for the Refsnaesskolen, National Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Children and Youth in Denmark. She is a preschool teacher and psychologist, with her PhD thesis on spatial relations of congenitally blind infants.

When she retired from Refsnaesskolen she got the finest recommendation you can ever get in Denmark. The Queen of Denmark knighted Lilli by giving her the decoration of The Knight of the Dannebrog, a very exclusive award.

She has authored many professional articles and books on challenged learners, including:
Space and Self,
Spatial Relations in Congenitally Blind Infants,
Are You Blind?
Educational Approaches
Visual Impairment – Understanding Needs of Young Children
The Comprehending Hand and
Early Learning Step By Step.
Functional Scheme: Final Skills Assessment
The FIELA Curriculum – 730 Learning Environments

All of Dr. Nielsen’s books are available from LilliWorks.

She lectures and consults throughout the world, and is considered the top expert in education of children with multiple disabilities.

Note: Dr. Nielsen also recommends:
Visual Impairment – Understanding Needs of Young Children by Dr. Johan van der Poel, a friend and colleague. Also available from Vision Associates.

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